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Frog Fizz
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Red and blue make purple, right? When you take the Texas tradition of Dublin Bottling Works and mix in TCU, you get purple soda. Frog Fizz, to be exact.

The storied bottling company was established in Dublin, Texas in 1891, producing iconic glass-bottled sodas. For TCU’s Sesquicentennial celebration, the fellow Texans agreed to produce a special edition of their grape soda: Frog Fizz. The purple craft soda features TCU’s 150th gradient lettering on a purple label, along with the Sesquicentennial logo.

The history of Dublin Bottling Works is almost as old as TCU’s. From its small roots near Waco, Texas, Dublin gained popularity in the 20th century, bottling the Texas-favorite Dr Pepper. After a split in 2012, the company returned to its unique flavors crafted with pure cane sugar. But none quite as unique as Frog Fizz.

Frogs On FourthFrog Fizz is not available for sale; rather, it is exclusively available for limited giveaway at Frogs on Fourth: A Purple Pop-Up.

Frogs on Fourth is a downtown TCU experience that celebrates the university’s integral history with the city of Fort Worth. The university was provided a space in Sundance Square to be open through Dec. 30. In addition to Frog Fizz, the space includes historical TCU storyboards and videos sharing current stories of TCU’s innovation and impact, as well as TCU merchandise and a photo opp area.  


Frogs on FourthInside Frogs on Fourth: A Purple Pop-Up

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