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From holiday shopping to a beloved football rivalry, TCU is in the news.


Nov. 26, 2023 
Fort Worth Report 
With the announcement that Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, will not seek reelection for a 15th term in Congress, local leaders say they know she will be difficult to replace, personally, professionally and as a champion of economic development. Jim Riddlesperger, professor of political science, said Granger鈥檚 influence and clout have often been underestimated.鈥 鈥淲hen she voted against Rep. Jim Jordan as speaker of the House, I noticed the national media called her a 鈥榲eteran legislator,鈥欌 he said. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 wrong. She鈥檚 one of the most 鈥 if not the 鈥 most important legislators in the country.鈥 As chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee, Riddlesperger said, Granger is key to the $5 trillion that flows through the federal government.鈥  

Nov. 22, 2023 
During November, the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology called on our anesthesia colleagues to work to ensure timely access to care for veterans. 鈥淲e do not serve our veterans by maintaining models of care that no longer meet the needs of the VA," said鈥Dru Riddle, AANA president and director of clinical education at鈥痶he Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences鈥 School of Nurse Anesthesia.  

Nov. 21, 2023 
Fort Worth Report 
Religious experts and community leaders spoke with the Fort Worth Report about how to attend a faith space other than your own or visit one for the first time.鈥Jan Quesada, senior instructor of religion, said visiting a religious service of another faith can bring a new perspective on the beliefs of others. 鈥淚 always tell my students that you don鈥檛 have to believe what other people believe. You don鈥檛 have to accept it as true. You should, however, seek to cultivate an appreciation of understanding and appreciation of knowledge,鈥 Quesada said. 

Nov. 21, 2023 
This holiday season, new artificial intelligence applications can help retailers enhance customer experiences and better manage their operations during one of the most crucial times of the year. 鈥淎I optimizes critical operations like demand forecasting, dynamic inventory management and targeted marketing鈥痵trategies for retailers, leading to increased sales and reduced costs,鈥 said鈥Elijah Clark,鈥痬arketing鈥痠nstructor and Forbes contributor. For customers, AI shopping assistants and deal alerts offer 鈥渁 new level of convenience and personalization,鈥 Clark said. 

Nov. 20, 2023 
NBC News鈥 
Elon Musk鈥檚 social media company, X, sued Media Matters for America and one of its staff members over an investigative report the website published saying Nazi content ran on the X app alongside advertisements from major corporations. Daxton Stewart, journalism instructor and lawyer, said that although the lawsuit was framed as defending free speech, it would do the opposite by penalizing a website.鈥淭he huge problem is the First Amendment,鈥 Stewart wrote in an email. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e asking a court to order the takedown of clearly protected commentary, and trying to escape the obvious First Amendment issues with that by cloaking it in contract interference language that suggests advertisers left the platform because of a Media Matters report rather than, say, their own judgment at seeing what Twitter has become. It鈥檚 utter nonsense, of course, but that鈥檚 the way these self-described free speech warriors operate today.鈥 

Nov. 15, 2023 
D CEO Magazine 
The executive director of the Ralph Lowe Energy Institute,鈥Ann Bluntzer, shows students how the industry can help move societies forward. 鈥淲e have a human capital crisis in the oil and gas industry, both on the renewable side and hydrocarbon side,鈥 Bluntzer said.鈥疘n 2012, when she was first working with the Institute, there were 400 students minoring in energy. Now, there are 80. 鈥淚 hear the tone from students and the effect of misinformation, the storyline,鈥 she adds.鈥疭o, Bluntzer sits on panels and gives outreach speeches, hoping to raise awareness for the impact a career in energy could create and help numbers continue to climb. 鈥淭his career path is one that is helping move societies forward,鈥 she said. 


Nov. 28, 2023 
DISH Development Center at Davies Institute for Speech and Hearing caters to a child鈥檚 specific needs with a caring and compelling all-inclusive program, giving every student the tools and interventions to succeed long into the future. Founder Dr. Joey Davies鈥12 received her bachelor of science from TCU鈥檚 Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences. Students and their families are welcomed by teachers and experts in the science of hearing loss and speech delays as well as advocates who work to achieve individualized developmental milestones for each child.鈥 

Nov. 20, 2023 
The National Sorghum Producers named鈥Greg Ruehle鈥83 its new executive director. Ruehle's background is deeply rooted in agriculture, having been raised on a diversified grain and livestock farm in northwest Iowa. He holds an associate degree in ranch management from鈥疶CU. 鈥淔rom water conservation to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, or from improved livestock nutrition to benefits to human health, Sorghum has an expanding role to play, and I am excited to be a part of this future,鈥 Ruehle said. 


Nov. 20, 2023
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Amid the best year in the history of its athletic department, it should have been expected that TCU鈥檚 athletic director became a 鈥減erson of interest鈥 to other universities. One potential suitor did reach out to鈥Jeremiah Donati鈥痠n the spring, but any deal with USC never made it too far. He took his name out of the running for that opening shortly before the start of the academic year, in August. 鈥淭his is where I want to be,鈥 Donati said in a recent phone interview. The chancellor and I have a great relationship, and I am very appreciative for what he鈥檚 done, and the confidence he鈥檚 shown in me.鈥

Nov. 19, 2023 
Fort Worth Star-Telegram鈥 
Three Horned Frogs earned All-Big 12 honors despite the 5-7 regular season. Tight end鈥Jared Wiley鈥was voted first team All-Big 12 after a breakout year in his final season in Fort Worth. Wiley set career-highs with 47 receptions, 520 yards and eight touchdowns. Offensive tackle鈥Brandon Coleman鈥痑nd cornerback鈥Josh Newton鈥were voted second team All-Big 12. Coleman was the most consistent offensive lineman for the Horned Frogs while Newton earned All-Big 12 honors for the second straight year. Newton had 33 tackles, seven passes defended and an interception. Pro Football Focus graded Newton as a top five corner in the Big 12. 

Nov. 15, 2023 
Fort Worth Star-Telegram 
Conferences are defined by many things: the brands, the championships secured and, of course, the rivalries. For the next iteration of the Big 12, the league only protected four rivalry games that would be played annually, and鈥疶CU鈥痸s. Baylor is one of them. It shows the significance of the history between the two schools. 鈥淗istorically, it goes back as long as any of them, obviously,鈥 coach鈥Sonny Dykes鈥痵aid. 鈥淭he two schools are pretty like-minded and not that far away and have a close and long history. It鈥檚 a pretty even matchup, if you look at the whole 鈥 it鈥檚 easy to see why it brings the passion out.鈥 

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