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Sept. 15, 2023 
Niche has list别诲鈥TCU as No. 2 on their 2024 Best Colleges with Speech Language Pathology degrees. Niche users give it an average review of 3.9 stars. One senior said, 鈥淭CU has an incredibly inclusive and supportive community. The professors genuinely care about their students and want their students to succeed. Many have their Ph.D., with years of real-world industry experience. They are great resources as mentors both in and outside the classroom. The school spirit of TCU is unlike any other school.鈥 

Sept. 14, 2023 
Fort Worth Report鈥 
In honor of鈥疶CU鈥檚鈥疭esquicentennial, head football coach鈥Sonny Dykes鈥痠s serving as the 2023 Parade of Lights鈥 Grand Marshal. TCU鈥檚 150th year has been devoted to celebrating the positive impact of Horned Frog alumni, students, faculty, staff and other leaders in the Fort Worth community, across the country and across the globe. 鈥淭CU is proud to sponsor the Grand Marshal float in recognition of the community and people that have supported TCU鈥檚 mission for 150 years,鈥 Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. said. 鈥淐oach Dykes is a great representation of the Horned Frog spirit and we are proud he will lead the beloved Parade of Lights.鈥 

Sept. 7, 2023 
Hood County News鈥 
Some people might not know the direct connection that Hood County has to the current-day鈥茄子视频. The story begins with two visionary brothers, Addison and Randolph Clark, who embarked on a mission to create the region鈥檚 first institution of higher learning in the Hood County town of Thorp Spring. In the autumn of 1873, with just 13 eager minds, Add-Ran Male and Female College opened its doors, becoming a beacon of co-education, a pioneering concept in its time. By the end of that school year, the student count had grown to 75. In 1889, Add-Ran College aligned itself with the Brotherhood of the Christian Churches of Texas. Its name transformed to Add-Ran Christian University, and a new chapter began.   

Sept. 7, 2023 
Campus Rec Magazine鈥 
TCU鈥檚 Campus Recreation and Wellness鈥痟as found a unique way to engage with students through the department鈥檚 Full Moon Paddles program. Emily Tumilty, coordinator of Outdoor Programs, said: 鈥淪ometimes, it鈥檚 hard for students to take a whole weekend or day away, so Full Moon Paddles allow participants to take a brief moment out of their busy schedule to rest, retreat and reflect.鈥 

Sept. 6, 2023 
CultureMap Fort Worth 
Four Dallas-Fort Worth area universities have risen through the ranks in a highly anticipated new list of the country's best universities. Niche, an education review and ranking website, named TCU the sixth best college in Texas for the third consecutive year. The university receives an A+ grade in four of the 12 ranking categories, including athletics, student life and campus. It was ranked No. 2 out of 333 Best Christian College in America and No. 12 out of 1,287 Best College Campuses in America. 


Sept. 15, 2023 
NCHC Fellows are distinguished individuals who have given substantial time and energy to furthering the cause of honors education. Among the 2023 Fellows is鈥Beata M. Jones, professor of professional practice. 鈥淚n 2005, I had the privilege of helping to establish and consequently lead for seven years a unique business honors program at the Neeley School of Business,鈥 she said. 鈥淣amed Neeley Fellows, this initiative became a sanctuary for aspiring business leaders, where dreams took flight and innovation knew no boundaries.鈥 

Sept. 14, 2023 
HuffPost UK鈥 
If you love travelling but want all the intel on staying safe abroad, former CIA and FBI agent鈥Tracy Walder鈥痟as your back. Walder, adjunct faculty in criminal justice, said the first thing she does when entering a hotel room is use the security lock on the door. 鈥淜eep that lock locked,鈥 she advised in a video. 鈥淭here鈥檚 no reason to have it unlocked if you鈥檙e inside your room.鈥 She also travels with a rubber doorstop which she鈥檒l simply pop under the door at night to prevent anyone from accessing her room and recommends setting up an app that alerts her contacts about her location in case of an emergency. 

Sept. 14, 2023 
Head Topics鈥 
Writing consultant鈥Sidney Thompson鈥痠s acting as a creative consultant for Paramount+鈥檚 Western drama on the lawman premiering this fall. 鈥淗e had a fascinating life,鈥 he said. Thompson authored the Bass Reeves Trilogy, two of which have been published. The Paramount+ series focuses on Reeves鈥 work in Indian Territory where he became a prominent lawman during the post-Reconstruction era.  

Sept. 12, 2023 
The Quinnipiac Chronicle 
If you know someone who takes a form of birth control, you鈥檝e probably heard different stories about it. Sarah E. Hill, professor of women, health and sexual psychology, wrote, 鈥淎lmost half of all women who go on the pill stop using it within the first year because of the intolerable side effects, and the one frequently cited is unpleasant mood changes.鈥  

Sept. 11, 2023 
A pressing concern arises from the United States鈥 diminishing expertise in operations management over the past few decades. With fewer universities offering specialized courses and an increasing number of executives lacking foundational knowledge in the field, the intricacies of operations management risk being oversimplified or misunderstood.鈥Tyson Browning, professor of operations management, said, 鈥淓xperts are always calling for more lean, no matter what the times. Over the past three years, though, the just-in-time, low-inventory, lean operation and supply chain model has been stressed, to say the least, to the point where lean has been questioned. Rather, resilience became the buzzword, and keeping inventory just in case was often the answer.鈥 

Sept. 8, 2023 
KRLD-AM (Dallas, TX)鈥 
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Energy Tom Seng鈥痵aid given the constant demand that the energy grid has faced due to historically high temperatures, ERCOT is managing the power grid well. 鈥淵ou're going to have maintenance issues especially when you've been running them,鈥 said Seng. 鈥淭hink about this stretch that we've had, these things are running hard every single day.鈥  

Sept. 7, 2023 
Fox News鈥 
The internet is hacking hard-to-swallow alcohol. TikTok users have discovered that taking a milk frother to a liquor of choice changes the taste of the beverage. Chemistry Professor Eric Simanek explained how using a frother could change the liquor's chemical properties. Frothing introduces 鈥渁 little bit of heat,鈥 which can speed up chemical reactions and change the composition of the drink, Simanek said. Frothing also introduces oxygen, which can 鈥渞eact with flavorful molecules. However, that reaction is likely to be very slow,鈥 the chemist added. 

Sept. 7, 2023 
Mayra Flores, a South Texas Republican who served in Congress for just over six months after a special election last year, has an unusual fundraising message as she tries to regain a House seat. 鈥淚 was attacked by a pervert,鈥 say emails she鈥檚 been blasting nearly every day this summer to would-be supporters. James Riddlesperger, political science professor, said, 鈥淭he acceptable range of rhetoric that we use and the way we characterize our political opponents has become much more rancid.鈥  

Sept. 4, 2023 
Fort Worth鈥疪eport鈥 
Students from Fort Worth ISD and TCU, have been working to paint murals,鈥痺hich help college students connect with the community and build lasting relationships, said鈥Rosangela Boyd, director of service learning and academic initiatives in leadership and student involvement.鈥 

Sept. 4, 2023 
Fort Worth鈥疪eport 
Internationally renowned biomechanist and physiologist鈥Peter G. Weyand was named the new chair of the Department of Kinesiology in the鈥疕arris College of Nursing & Health Sciences. 鈥淚 am extremely grateful and excited to have the opportunity to lead TCU鈥檚 kinesiology department at a particularly opportune time,鈥 Weyand said.  

Sept. 3, 2023 
Impeachment trials in the Senate are rare. Before Ken Paxton, the Texas House had only impeached one other statewide official more than 100 years ago. 鈥淚t's really been a historical footnote until the impeachment of Attorney General Paxton of course,鈥 said longtime political science professor鈥James Riddlesperger, 鈥淭he scarcity of those impeachments tells the story.鈥 

Sept. 3, 2023 
Associated Press 
South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, a presidential candidate, introduces himself as the product of early-life mentors who taught him not to be bitter and that he has had success as a Black American because he worked hard. But Frederick Gooding Jr., an African American studies professor, said untold more Black Americans have worked just as hard as Scott but struggled against invisible barriers. 鈥淗e did work hard,鈥 he said. 鈥淏ut it鈥檚 not quite that simplistic.鈥 


Sept. 14, 2023 
Fort Worth Report 
Fort Worth鈥檚 Polytechnic Heights neighborhood illustrates the impact of racial segregation on the health of communities, historian and Ph.D. candidate鈥Cecilia Sanchez Hill鈥痵aid. Initially a majority white neighborhood, the neighborhood has since transitioned to a majority Black neighborhood and then a majority Hispanic neighborhood, according to the most recent U.S. census. 鈥淲hen that community becomes majority Black, you do see a disinvestment of city services,鈥濃疭anchez Hill said. 鈥淲hen you have a community that鈥檚 lost that access to that power structure, then you have less opportunities to bring money into it and bring city funds into your community.鈥 


Sept. 13, 2023 
Fort Worth Magazine 
Columbian native鈥Andr茅s Franco鈥疢M 鈥02, MM 鈥03鈥is ready to pick up the baton as first executive director of DNAWORKS鈥攁 nonprofit arts and service organization based in Fort Worth and Pittsburgh dedicated to social dialogue and healing through the arts.鈥淚'm very excited about this opportunity for many reasons,鈥 he said.  

Sept. 10, 2023 
Jamaica Observer 
Michael Frater 鈥05, Jamaica Olympic Association director and chairman of its Athletes' Commission, is an Olympic gold relay medalist and the 2005 World Athletics Championships 100m silver medallist, among other sterling accomplishments. He is an inductee of the Lettermen's Hall of Fame at TCU鈥痺here he distinguished himself in being named in 2003 an All American Academic and was a multiple All American Athlete. He maintains that 鈥渢here can be no doubt. You've got to engage your mind formally and in a structured way if you wish to increase your chances at a successful career and be able to run and endure that marathon in life. Education, training and knowledge are the water stops along the route that refresh and hydrate you.鈥 

Sept. 7, 2023 
Women's Wear鈥疍aily鈥(WWD)鈥 
Amy Jackson鈥06, an early influencer with her blog Fashion Jackson, is striking out with her own elevated women's sportswear collection, called Mayson the Label. She created the brand based on her experience in the fashion space and a desire to create the ideal capsule collection of luxe staples. After launching her blog, Fashion Jackson, in 2013, she gained a following and quit her job to focus on growing her community. With an audience that has swelled to almost 1 million people, Jackson has drawn on the dialogue and trust with her followers to inform the making of Mayson. 

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