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In honor of TCU’s Sesquicentennial, Tarrant County presented a proclamation to TCU at its commissioners court this week, declaring 2023 as TCU’s celebratory year and recognizing the institution’s importance and relationship with its home county. 

“Be it resolved that we, the Commissioner’s Court of Tarrant County, do hereby recognize Ƶ’s 150th anniversary and celebrate the year twenty twenty-three as: TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY’S SESQUICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION,” reads the proclamation. 

Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. said the proclamation provides a moment to recognize how TCU and Tarrant County work together to enhance opportunities for students and employees to work and play. 

“Many years ago, this region had a vision that a thriving university would improve its academic and cultural profile, and that its students would stay here to work, raise their families and become part of the community,” Chancellor Boschini said. “Today, we have achieved all of this and more – thanks to the amazing people of TCU and of all Tarrant County.” 

Boschini was joined by many other TCU leaders, including President Daniel W. Pullin; Omar Harvey, chair of Faculty Senate; Robyn Reid, chair of Staff Assembly; Joe Winick, Student Government Association president; Annie Cowden, Graduate Student Senate president; and, of course, SuperFrog.   

Earlier in the year, TCU was recognized in a resolution by the state of Texas and presented a proclamation from the city of Fort Worth in honor of the Sesquicentennial.  


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