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As TCU News reported last year, Anna Menon ’08 is one of four crew members training for the Polaris Dawn mission, which will endeavor to fly to the highest Earth orbit that anyone has ever flown.  

As is often the case, the mission has seen delays but is now targeting this summer. Menon was recently on the TODAY show to talk about a special part of her journey: a book she co-created called “Kisses From Space.” 


“It is the story of a mama dragon as she journeys to space and shares that with her baby dragons back here on earth,” Menon said. “It is the story of how love can overcome any distance. I will be reading this book live from space to my kids back here on earth who are 3 and 6, as well as some of the brave patients of St. Jude’s Research Hospital.” 

and read the original TCU News story 

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