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After a year of repping their purple, Horned Frogs can “go green” during move-out with ReFrog.  

This volunteer event was created last year to reduce waste by diverting usable items from the landfill to community members while Horned Frogs depart their residence halls. ReFrog provides easily accessible stations where students can donate items they are discarding. 

“ReFrog has gotten overwhelmingly positive comments from TCU and Fort Worth community members,” said Wendy Macias, associate dean of undergraduate studies in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication and a ReFrog faculty leader. “It really is a no-brainer: keeping usable items out of the landfill and getting them into the hands of people who can put them to good use.”  

Last year, over the course of four days, at least 2,000 items were donated by more than 200 students. While donating, students were allowed to shop or “ReFrog” items that had already been donated. This alone resulted in at least 420 items avoiding the landfill and being given a second life. Other items were donated to TCU’s TRIO program, which provides students with professional clothing during their business attire pop-ups. The recipients of the remaining items were ReFrog’s two designated community partners: Inspired Vision Compassion Center and the Welman Project.  

“TCU helped support 1,800 kids in Fort Worth and surrounding areas,” said Andrew Hughes from the Welman Project. “All of the storage, rugs, lamps and particularly the mini fridges were taken practically the moment they entered our building.” 

ReFrog is an all-volunteer effort that utilized over 100 volunteers over the course of the event last year. TCU faculty, staff, alumni, parents and members of Paschal High School’s National Honor Society made up the volunteer pool.  

“We could not do it without the support of TCU Housing, SGA and all the faculty, staff and student volunteers,” said Macias. 

ReFrog is also made possible with the support of DFW Capsule, which donates portables to hold and transport all the donated items, and the TCU Post Office, who loaned its shelving units for the project.  

ReFrog is continuing its mission of increasing the sustainability of move-out. This spring, the project will expand to six campus locations where students can donate their items. ReFrog accepts gently used clothing, sheets and towels, office supplies, dishes, unopened hygiene products and nonperishable food, electronics and much more. A full list of items ReFrog accepts as well as drop-off locations can be found . 

In addition to donations, all Horned Frogs can support ReFrog by volunteering during the event May 8 to 11. or contact ReFrog@tcu.edu.   

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